Aim domestic wine through – enjoy the winery “Amanohashidate Winery”

Apparently there are people who do not drink the liquor to the sommelier. Than to enjoy a glass of wine may not drink the liquor Once was, the first place of the idea is that. Travel temple, as a result of looking around the wineries of each of its land, I was a hate wine, to as little drink. And enjoyment of domestic wine, a travel around the winery a little.

Gastronomy and spectacular – three most scenic spots in Japan is spread in front of the eyes “Amanohashidate Winery”


Vineyards of Kansai, but there are many places that have been made to the mountain, “Amanohashidate winery” is plain. And immediately on the side spread the sea overlooking the three most scenic spots in Japan. There is only fishing town, in the hotel has been a restaurant, in addition to the seafood that was purchased on the beach selling, lined up in plenty of table food that was purchased from local farmers.

Store lighting of Japanese paper molding artists Eriko Eriko Mr. production illuminates the floor, the three most scenic spots in Japan can enjoy the second floor terrace. Also visited for lunch Art, superb view, gastronomy and, luxury moments can spend it without a mistake.


In the first floor, or “red wine salt” compatibility is also of great with salad, it has also been sold, such as “white wine soft-serve ice cream” on popular with children. Also possible tour of the wine cellar and the production site.


A toast with Feder visor


Yamazaki’s owner, in the journey of wandering experienced in college, devoted to the California wine encounter in this world seems. I graduated from is, joining Hokkaido wine that was strong in the varieties of Germany. Basic and brewing technology of grape cultivation Toka learned very hard at this time. In Germany that was visited in the training in 88 years, meet in white wine “Feder visor” in the middle of fermentation (red wine is “Feder rotor”). Means “angel wings”, sweet and shocked by the fruity taste, provided from the time you start brewing even “Amanohashidate winery”. This centerpiece menu that does not taste only to people who visited, should the wine can be enjoyed even in weak people.


Are are we manufacture here, rather than a fine wine such as Gyokuro, such as side-by-side on the table at any time, but Daily wine such as barley tea likely. Can be purchased at an affordable price, because we will also be focusing on online sales, it is ordered at any time.

Chiffon cake is near popular cafes and, Auberge also available. To stay as a base to look around Amanohashidate and near tourist attractions, also of Nante full of wine in the evening is recommended.


Amanohashidate Winery
Address: Miyazu, Kyoto Prefecture shaped Kokubu 123
Hours: 10: 00-17: 00
Close: Wednesday
Tel: 0772-27-2222
HP: Http://Www.Amanohashidate.Org/wein/

“Text: Taico, Photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa”

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