SNS, Twitter, forgot about for a little while. Feel for all eternity in Daitoku-ji Temple “龍源院(Ryogen-in)”,which which priest Ikkyu spent

Had the Ikkyu Osho (Sojun) Temple in Kyoto became a famous Rinzai sect Temple. At other sub-temples, the oldest in the Daitokuji Temple said a “龍源院(Ryogen-in)”. There are four rock garden, also known as scenic gardens. Here are a few to the prosaic, such gardens with priest Ikkyu words.

Though I did not understand it, the Zen knew the good point of the time to think about nothing


About 5 mats of small Japanese-style room. The space where nothing to which a small flower was just added is at a small desk. A sliding paper door is just also usually open this room they seem to feel tight, and the feeling of opening it’ll be is lighthearted and is obtained.

Even if fill the space that overflowed with a thing with a thing more; including uneasiness and loneliness, the unnecessary thought is only piled up more, and the thing which I really want may not be provided. In open space, I open the door a little and get a feeling of opening. The scathing haiku and wise remark of the priest Ikkyu might be born simply because it was such a place.

Root of tomfoolery is obsessed with stupidity of human beings from eternity past, their feelings. Even when carrying it, walk in weight would. Butterfly compared to that shape it and the stupid thing?

This “東滴壺(Totekiko)” drop reaches in the ocean. I think of the ocean in the Japan’s smallest rock garden


In Japan in light of the changing seasons in sun, snow added, can know the change of time and quietly watching the little rock.

This one drop of garden seems to express the world of the realization of the Zen that a drop leads to the ocean. Is it all the ocean or regret daily accumulation, that there is over there? The daily effort may not be rewarded, but the feeling changes. I want to spend one’s every day when I can be satisfied with not to be sorry.

What does not happen if I go this way, and do not be anxious, and cut it and do the way if anxious and it is in a way I go without question, know one step if I step forward if I go

Chunks of stone placement. Wonderland feel and still beautiful “一枝坦”(Isshidan).

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I sit on the corridor which lengthened straight and look at “一枝坦” (Issidan) of the dry landscape Japanese garden. Though I see it not to make any unity, it harmonizes as a whole, and the stone feels that it is beautiful.

I feel it when I match it with a rule and the person of the circumference to be set generally, but the each person’s inside may collapse. Is it unnatural for the figure of the animal?

When I stop to worry about things around again, and I thought that was you. Look around, as well as its people and live like the people. To the extent of course people not to disturb.

“Don’t get caught in the Buddhist scriptures, too much attention and become harmful. I also caught up over, hold a candle to dogs and cats. Even in dogs without hesitation towards the Buddha, to hook up the piss “

When even fine weather visits “the dragon source House” showing each beauty because of rain and spends time to think about nothing relaxedly, I may refresh it unexpectedly.

Temple data
Whenever I go down, and a flash of the priest Ikkyu will be suitable ★★★★★
■ A telephone: 075-491-7635
■ An address: 82, Murasakinodaitokujicho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
■ Visit time: From 9:00 to 16:30
■ An admission fee: 350 yen
■ A parking lot: Existence (pay)

“Text, Photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa”

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