Do you see because we do see from the side or look from the Kyoto train

Shunji Iwai of supervision there was a movie called “Fireworks, or? See from? A horizontal view from below”, move suddenly but the train look good even from the top or the side, Do not nearly I can see from the bottom, and I think I tried looking for a place to be looking at the train from the bottom.

There is nothing you shoot from beneath the train to move even a photograph

Even if the image search on the net, photo is missing was taken from beneath the train moving.There were some if the place you are put in place, to have taken the train to move from the bottom, most of those captured in the form of look up at the front and next to the train from a little out of place. If you think you have found finally a video, I’m still a little from the side. Since there is no way, I and I’ll do. It is from no choice, not because simply there is no work. It is another impulse. That I want to take if in this world there is still not likely, that’s it. Feelings “went Katsui the telescope in the morning two o’clock railroad crossing. Radio that connects to the belt, rain seems not rain” of boys and girls who appeared in the humanities men of mind to grab a punch line of “astronomical observation” exciting feeling and is almost the same.

First, the location looking for. This is another easy. Basically, if across the train river, is there anymore. That’s Kyoto, the Tokaido Line coming out of Kyoto Station passes over the Kamogawa so that, should to be taken the moment.

It is here. This should likely premonition. Dark for a little worrisome because it was evening.Well, a peek from the bottom.

Train from below. Kyoto

It is directly below. It is a good feeling. Raise the ISO sensitivity, and waiting is set to the time being 1 / 200s shutter speed. The sound of the train can be heard from far away. It feels like the bridge are also vibrating lightly. And, the next moment.

Horahora, I this is, this. It does not come out quite as well by searching on the net “image from beneath the train moving.” Now, just passing through the front of the eye. New page that has been engraved on the net history. Many times I cut the shutter while excited.

And, this is looking to see later. Pitch black. How can tried to change the many times or setting, it remains dark. So did not even bring a tripod, shutter speed is 1 / 50s is a limit. But dark. New page that has been engraved on the net history is dark. Well I, nobody is why do not shoot.Because that’s what the do not know somehow. By the way, bright corrected photo by changing the angle of this.

Train from below. Kyoto

A little too rough, yet do not know at all whether the back side of the shutter speed is slow train.Second page that has been engraved on the net history do not know what have blurred. What was the feeling of the boys and girls of astronomical observations, it is at once repayment recommendations have been middle-aged mode.

Et tu, Brute?

Expected to become completely different result, in the vicinity of the dry riverbed dopey sitting with. In front of the eye, the bird is one animal that does not work as of me fell.

Speaking of this child, I had from before taking the train photo of here.

Like this. I hardly moving. About 20 minutes it is Karekore shooting. Maybe, much I think that what has rotted away while standing as Raoh “no regrets of the piece in my life.” But, Wait about 5 minutes from sitting, it began to move.

So found something, try and look at his destination.

Wonder if female perhaps. It might be a woman of taste. The other side of your family also seems to have noticed it. Might be the moment can be seen that a couple of birds born in Kamogawa, inflating the chest to such expectations, and looking at. Distance of two birds will shrink by a little.

It is a good feeling. Is Atochotto.

Tension has cause a little shake up. Excuse me. Stops his walk, she has been approached. After might be born something a little bit. Feelings in such expectation is growing further. It is probably he is also the same would have been without the Standing path about an hour in the river. And, the next moment.

Covering. Oh. His stare. She look down on embarrassed.

that. Completely ignored him stare. It is through to the much refreshing. I already, I am unwilling to follow the after him. I guess he realized immediately. This love has ended and. No, and it was not even begun. What the hell am I doing …. Will from embarrassment. He is this pose much until I after this return.

“No, It does not mean I noticed color. It just wanted to move a little,” as to say even with, not chasing after her at all.

Too much expectation, receive a shock be that bird also human beings of together, and the sky looked up while thinking such a thing was surprisingly clean. Now try to revenge with a tripod. If you are satisfied, please try to visit once. And can be pounding on the train passing through the suddenly overhead, you might meet in turned into objects and broken heart maybe a bird. When it was like being still, please contact the editorial department. In the mascot character, it looks desperately for his daughter-in-law.

The train is seen from beneath in Kyoto, and may meet in birds heartbreak spot
location: Shiokoji through Kawabata

“Text, Photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa”

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