Little Eye of coffee she gave me brewed in the morning of a hangover: Drunken Tan eleven full day

Not come out even if the search not remember anymore at all, about I want you to tell me have people know.


Certainly, in the morning of a hangover I was glad if she is thin eyes of coffee brewed me, I was was delicious was specific lyrics, was for some reason reminded me suddenly.

In fact do is thin coffee hangover what about, tried to practice.

Quite a hangover in the morning. In unkempt hair happening, moan. To limp a little on the couch, but I think “I wonder if the drink Ah coffee …”.

But the other at all, is not palm looking body.

Nothing but repeat the tired state in any posture, I think is,

“I want to enter the sauna.”

So, what is required is a sauna. Believe in the superstition that liquor comes out if multiplied by the sweat,

I headed to the sauna.

Of course, over a period of hot water will be. Body and wash, you use the one through the bathtub, of course, to rush.

So to the sauna.

Plenty sweat, something’s a warm and body a little crisp, it becomes to feel like one more day is over.

Then what happens.

Beer will want.

Of course drinking will.

This is good to ride to the other textbooks.

Do not write in bold?

Junior high school boys and girls ought to underline because I can not know the meaning is now.

So, this is “negative spiral” it.

Sign cosine, but it is of course important Sekigahara, now is the time being to memorize, do I know in 10 years after 20 years.

And instinct in It’s a bad guy, do I know the thing that should not be put in hand in earnest.

Because people are really sweet to me. The first place not palm out Even character of another coffee co to have begun from the fact that drinking coffee Even this story.

Person who put a negative spiral in hand easily get used to it. It might be likely Even tobacco.

Among them are out to say Nante “I Nante ze’s spiral Lv.18”, are certified each of the degree also spiral Association was established, isolation is performed to a high level person.

If that happens, beer bath rising also is regulated, it can not be even a hangover. Ascending spiral that has been down until now one step at a time treatment is made.

Which is set price by a negative spiral level, high-level person is forced to expensive shopping.

Only riots of waiting after this. It is no longer a story of the sauna far from follow ever-worsening security.

Of course thin coffee she is no longer be me put.

Again, the liquor is of the best to drink discern the amount. And health to enter into the sauna is let alone.

“Column: Fukudakuda”

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