The current over-30 because of the trendy drama sake assume the deep scratches on Christmas Eve is healed it – Drunken Tan twelve cups eyes

I think that it is true that until the triplets of soul hundred, and the habits and personality of a young age does not change but say. People now in their 30s are going to spent in the monster economy that bubble the elementary school from kindergarten. At that time had not flourished in the TV drama, in love supremacy story called trendy, character, had been especially women is a depiction love not an exaggeration to say that over the life.

Symbolic of is, Christmas. Lover that had promised to spend the Eve together, the train is not celebrating in the hotel to stop in heavy snow, so tonight is not able to spend together. So tell and cry tears of large grain. Certainly that’s the situation, because it is a form close to Dotakyan, but not even the way the Namidasuru, other than to be “do not have a partner to spend the Eve together, rough poor” it like a despise depiction had been. Because things such circumstances, both men and women were looking for a partner to spend together the Eve desperately. Or would not at than also was the same thing reality.

It might not be considered at present. It would be what it would be alone separately to Christmas but, like despair in life, spend such that the subject of ridicule just because the other party is not, should not such a thing. However, the people of over 30, this intense experience have been hammered in the spinal cord, and “All I want for Christmas is you” of Mariah Carey begins to be heavy rotation on the radio, resulting in a “restless” but mortifying will not. I also’m one of them.

Of course, I do not feel such a thing if the lover is present, I think that that feeling was also faded and it is currently. But by the time of the 20s is still there that feeling, is I was at that time 23 years old, was fidgety as Christmas approaches. It is, of course, because I did not have a lover. While working in a company, how do you make a lover, and. We do invite someone of employees, and. Unwillingly, it is determined to be turned down, this mob guy. You can not do that because it becomes the company’s laughing stock if that happened. Probably it will not be actually a laugh, but at the time I was thinking such a thing.

Such case, what were you doing in us in order to solve the fidgeting. I think you can see the other. So make an alliance which is commonly called “● I ● root Orchestra” he. In other words Toka gathered of the same circumstances “Do I do not need to spend together and apart from lover to Christmas,” “to do is Agen gifts, money also Kakaran Mr. Do Well” Toka, bitches can not hear only one聞妬only the is to do full of fish. By the way, this noble organization that gathered for the purpose is, should have been present at the time in Japan. Cartoon of the organization that became the model is, but he has repeatedly stupid nuisance to the couple, servants do not do that. Just earnestly drink bitches to fish.

Christmas of 23-year-old, we (mobs 弐号 machine colleagues at the time of the company) also formed a team of course, I was thinking Spend Eve two people.

Mob first unit (I) “what to do. What the time being full drink”

Mob 弐号 machine (co-worker) “… Oh, I hope.”

First “reconstituted in was I, of Ann softening. Yan not healthy.”

To the question, despite hesitation 弐号 machine, plot in inclusive eyes, responded this way to see me.

Vol.2 “the … Hen go to the wrecked?”

Until now, I for the mobs guy that had never done such a thing, the impact of their words, was the impact of the long Berlin Wall was broken. Guy, come to break the role of our lives Ya want to, and. The role that should have been decided going to change here. The act’ll double-edged sword, I’m such on the resolution from being damaged. Once, such a thought is after twirling his head in a moment like a revolving lantern, in fact, returned this to not less than a second from the cast of 弐号 machine.

First “Yes yan. Go Uzes”

I wonder you can see. The mobs 弐号 machine, I was feeling and embarrassed to be convince that you are impatient was Tsuyoga’. It was Tsuyoga’ at 120% of the force. Then, while a little voice Uwazuri, “Yan Yeah, go Uzes” on that exudes the atmosphere that yan fun it was unwound. Typical of the timid person.

Movement of 弐号 machine from there was earlier. When that motion boss is watching, “this guy is there is a prospect,” should have been interested with. But it was a still day, headed to Kobe in the car of 弐号 machine. At the time, because it was dorm residence in Amagasaki, a hell of a drive of about 30 minutes to 40 minutes when the time. What you hell, you do not want to really, to believe that want to go back, to create a face that yan fun, really because he must be in accordance with the conversation with 弐号 machine you have fun.

To me, such as the clown that must be fooling killed pushing the true feelings, 弐号 machine was gone.

“In, Which is call out?”

But little meaning did not know, he is not a Futari, go alone. And, Let ‘s decide the person to go with one of them, and. It seems to have so proposed. Is a horrifying Iron Heart. At this time, whether I would become to know you if it has the answer. No it should understood by those who who read up to here. I replied, So everyone together, life insurance – Oh.

“Chau do yeah a rock-paper-scissors”

Of course, “Yes yes, I Nampa of the pattern. I was found, So this rock-paper-scissors Ya ne If” it “Chau do yeah a rock-paper-scissors” in nuance that. No more, is I that experience value than 弐号 machine does not want to think that it is below, on which Tsuyoga’, brings an experienced atmosphere, I tried to stand on top of the 弐号 machine.


When the fun 弐号 machine to meet likely is not something other 弐号 machine. If it from me, seemed to Yoshida ● work. Guy Yoshida ● it’s work. In the drama, in the “not go because not move the train in the snow, I’m sorry” to the lover to wait at the hotel was familiar with the tone, Yoshida tell the cancellation of scheduled ● work. ‘m Above experience value Nante. I also of course happily, “Well good, Well then rock-paper-scissors Ya Do,” but I should have been returned with a laugh and, at that time properly or smile had been able to make, there is no self-confidence.

Said arrived in Kobe on out are. But in front of the station JR Sannomiya. Time should was about 2:00 pm. Him before station seethe gave the car in person. He did not mind the public eye. I was messed up care, such as Nampa in which such person is a lot, not insane. But for the fun likely ● work, weakness is not being shown. I said, he said calmly.

“A little car, before it is Chau epiglottis. Hey palm going to be a hindrance.”

Place familiar feeling. I what was required to, was it. I’m’m calm, and ● wanted to tell to work. It was rising last of strength that could me. Between calm and tension, the emotion that has been or come or go, it did not return to the calm, even for an instant on the border it. After that, it is rock-paper-scissors. If God is there, because from now on the charitable activities, and me by all means lend force to me, not that I hope strong enough at that time.

“Well then how to rock-paper-scissors”

“At first goo, rock-paper-scissors …”

God had. I wish to reach, it was defeated work ●. Also “Wow, Really huh” after he defeated saying, had been happily. Do not I was a guy really strong guy, and at that time, but won the rock-paper-scissors, the other completely and I have lost the work ●, as a person. Vessel in size. This opportunity, Aratameyo the relationship. Reverentially ● will Itadako so called work-like, has vowed to do so mind.

“Well then, Kuruwa over voice to those girls.”

● work like to say so, was Omomuka to the battlefield. Since the place was one of the places do not walk five meters from the car, I could hear the work-like voice ●. The other, is I have fully acknowledged the defeat, and I’ll have to learn even a little from him, had listened to his voice. He approaches the woman, opened the mouth.

“Anoya, but I and over Kiten from Amagasaki Ya …”

“Anoya, you, are, or …” “ANOYA OREYA AMAGA …” definitely, he says. He said so in self-confidence. For me that Doyanki says likely to words such as only present in the cartoon did not expect to come out of him, did not no longer be heard in Japanese. There from the previous deployment wonder you can see. Completely ignores the “ANOYA” You are she who had a signal waiting at the crosswalk. Still, talk continues “ANOYA” You are, continue to red more and more ears. I think we became red than the previous red light of the eye, look we are not and to finally green light when I was trying to Tsuburo the eye. Figure that girls go across the crosswalk and Stasta while rising evil feeling at that time not to forget even now. He came back immediately. I wanted to give put if there is a hole. So, it was a ghastly scene. But I was glad. He is, no 弐号 machine had Tsuyoga’. It was glad.

Needless to say, alcohol was rough drank that day. I dabbled in what time of whiskey life. Forget wanted everything. This is the merits and demerits of the trendy. Do not cause the other again this incident. We want the good of this current situation that is no longer merry about the bubble era on Christmas Eve. However, an accident such as 弐号 machine, then I think also with the Do was also interesting to drink Yakezake, and the means Tsuyoga’ by failure to young people, which would like you to later become like laughing experience it is.

“Column: Kobayashi Chanome”

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