he proportion of ulterior motive of fun and uncle of Aiseki – Drunken Tan sixteen cups eyes

And go out to drink, there is a thing that surrounds the people and the table that do not know at all. “Can I become Aiseki”. The place also went to the Standing drink a good friend and three of the relationship during this time, it was put so the voice from the clerk. Neither uncommon at the falling drink, get no resistance to that drink together with the people that it is not previously known. Some myself rather wants Aiseki.

Rather than a drinking party of friends that laugh of the pot is known, drinking with people of Nice to meet you, breaking the pot of laughter, it is to Dari deflated Dari conversation bouncing fun and exciting. But did not know at all by the time of the early 20s, from around beyond the 30-year-old, the feeling of the old man to come speak at the tavern has become to be able to understand. Now it has been on the side of themselves talk. So, what are you thinking what it when dudes is to talk. Our old man is thinking such a thing.

The old man I talk anyway

Uncle coming to bar is, I think so anyway well speak there are many people. Came to the tavern alone, talking close to the people, messy story laughing and heehaw, litter drink saying Puha. Anyway have a mess a lot.
People who go well in the tavern is not in a private room, or would not than many also talk was experience. I early 20s, was spoken from the old man as I say that whenever drinking in downtown. Because really was fun, but did not unpleasant thought, but enough was raised too because it is multiplied story is not may be something like a “meeting of the old man to put talk to young people in the tavern”, and friends.
Such offer from the “meeting of the old man to talk to young people in the tavern,” is reach was joined to us even 30-year-old birthday. For the quota achieved by now, we are talking to diligently young people every time you go for a drink. ※ “meeting of old man talking to young people in the tavern” is a fiction.
Not the only young people to talk to say that. Is correct because people in the neighborhood. Multiplied by talking to people who are for the time being near, enjoy the seat of liquor greatly. Topic is not exhausted, anyway speak because When the exhausted liquor is no longer well. Whatever the story to speak if Nomere sake good. The same generation, drink to say that when this music heard but it was not “Cheers”, and under the generation, generation gap Kanjiruwa I’ve been listening to such of the high school, drink to say “Cheers”.
Since the opponent is often treat and can be seen that it is younger, will not unpleasant impression up there also probably drank opponent.

Tension of time to talk

Old man belongs to the Mammalia primates (monkeys eyes) hominid human subfamily old man group. 90 percent of men, to change to the old man group from a human group from around beyond the 30-year-old. However, the original is so human, emotions, feelings properly, such as likes and dislikes are. Therefore, when speaking at the tavern is if there even when the tension is increased by your opponent, there is also a time to fall. In the habit of talking Either way, those selfish say there would be up and down feelings by your opponent.
That’s old man with each other, each other and laugh from beginning to end “heehaw”. Is what’s interesting, I do not know. There is also a time to laugh but not occasionally properly heard. At such times, but mostly the other party is also Kanzui and “Do not Ne known guy”, laugh still. Although it anyway peace, both because it belongs to the “meeting of the old man to talk to young people in the tavern”, the tension does not rise until there because the drinking party among members.
When the young man group, may become like a comedy battle. Return in the blur Tara blur. Rap freestyle those battle like a of, and some of the wit word is coming out place swells with improvisation. Both because it would Warawaso the opponent, it spends a lot of fun time.
In such servants or when most tension that go up any.
Returning now to the beginning. During this time, the story of when I went to drink three people. At the time we were told that it Aiseki, our feelings pick up. Was there are people who do not know the time being, because there new stimulus is in there.
Once passed through the seat, three women I think that college students were there.

This situation is a heaven.

Drink a young woman. After all, old man who’s this is the most fun.
Yumi Adachi similar child, Yuka similar child, Fukakyon similar child. That contains a little alcohol correction, but feel that that was very similar to our generation of idle.
When you talk, it seems it was still a college student. Employment was also decided in the 4th year, bytes fellow. When the job so leave Kyoto, enjoy the time to find a job, and night after night drinking walking are called to.
Any more, I do not remember what were talking about. Although he no doubt was fun, it is such a thing.
Now, there may be anxious little here. Us to ulterior motive is not the whether.
Some a little.
But according to the people, I think less than the consumption tax expressed as a percentage. I do not of course heard such as contacts, to the then another shop was carried out in only us. And you want to drink is basically a delicious drink, anyway delicious sake and drink fun and beautiful woman. Wine of the convenience store is to Chateau Margaux, one-cup Ozeki will Kitayuki Daiginjo.
Of course it dispenses with us also women of your accounting. Although or else have a face that of course is completely visible. Is several days lunch become a thing seedy but on top of the prepared. In the word of “Thank you” it is worth about it.
In other words, the ulterior motive to the old man who spoke to come may be me think little. Since its on, you may get to Ogo’ that it is a college student, just delicious. Since the high adult women experience value has been found to this thing, it is good Dealing with the old man.
Dudes should not be such as to the wolf because it belongs to the old man group. If you are talking to the old man who may be me I think the duck. Just because there is a possibility that the step into the world of your water and remember the taste, I would like to enjoy in moderation.
“Column: Kobayashi Chanome”

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