Tan broad daylight ~ sake Hen ~


Completely even with the fall, also it has increased sake events out there here. Meanwhile, I remembered the color that had us in suits in the middle of the summer of sweltering heat.

Therefore but love too sake, I would like to think. Among the wayward heat, Endo’s a is manipulative teacher friend scorched the we launched the plan ridiculous.

“Sake × high school baseball.”

Yes, I think that there is pros and cons.

Sportsmanship’m where went!

It Dudes God forbid that to fish liquor high school students to chase the white ball in that glittering eyes! I seem to hear is such a voice.

However, this is so much deeper.

View the final while drinking sake of the remaining prefectures in the finals. The, it seems there are some prefectures that do not manufacture the sake, and trembling with fear and I to do to be chosen in. Hopefully I want to do my best to Hokuriku biased!

Ey drink northeast of sake!

Me instead of the shochu you were Kyushu! Tournament in a different dimension individual thoughts be reflected is no ginger in the mood, such as.

So once win is representative because I also originally from Kyoto, hope saw.

It lost in the first round.

Long-awaited final, August 21. That day Hokkaido representative was standing on the ground, “the North Sea High School” and Tochigi representative “Sakushingakuin”.

Baseball players us to the ground with a glove and passion.

Distorted uncle have the Hokkaido and Tochigi brewery is bent sake and screws that were made over by the arm passion to the pea family of living.

And say the results what will happen, I think you understand the other.

I have not seen the other game in about five times table.

Whether the game Which is won!?

Nobody do not care.

Because what I do is delicious drink.

In light of day, youth who chase the white ball.

In broad daylight, adults who continue to tilt the sake in the room was air-conditioned.

This as those located At the other extreme, I do not think of quite in my life that has been my living.

“Brought to light”. This word Terikagayaku the sun, in addition to such as midday, in fact, there is also a sense that “there is no place guilty”.

This happens when more and more shoulders is was to become narrower.

“Column: Fukudakuda”

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