The encounter in the bar: Over thirties drunk’s ballade.


Encounter in the bar

Please don’t read the person who has begun to see a title, expect talk of men and women’s beginning of love and read a body any more. I fall short of expectations certainly.

When I still begin to work, and that’s the 1st or 2nd year.

I was drinking at the cheap bar where I have a friend in the junior high school age (now, play drinking companion) in Uraderacho of several people and Kawahara-cho "stillness". Covered with the graffiti by which a wall is a student at a long-established store pub in the alley where a tourist doesn’t walk this store first, a folk guitar spans a wall for some reason (the meaning to have that, artistically), and (the business the man who probably got drunk plunks) anyway punch is effective.

The taste of the dish is certain, and whatever is eaten, they’re good and gentle with the purse which wins only the one which goes well with liquor. It’s to the extent a serving of cooked vegetables of taro potato sometimes feel like sending Naka to the company way back for bottled beer and cooked potatoes by the best taste personally.

In such a usual shop, it is usual group and time doing it noisily on the way home from work. A door of the small rise opened suddenly.

A middle-aged man of the dress such as clogs was to work clothes there and entered the seat slowly.

He put white liquor with a bottle while saying “is it good together?” without putting interval hair.

I have begun to appeal to you for that oneself was a slightly famous black-and-white drawing painter of Shinshu if I thought whether you said that it was, “I wanted to drink it with a person of Kyoto”.

It is a strange man really.

He invited us out after coming out, and an incomprehensible bar preaching that story, oneself of Yukio Mishima were bisexuals for some reason afterwards saying “one house will already go”.

When the next way to the store and female of the age are seen in this way, surprisingly, a pick-up has been begun by itself one by one.

Besides, the pick-up line is the strongest.

“May I sketch you?”

The said woman is surprised too much and, to an uncle saying an incomprehensible thing suddenly, ignores such lines.

The restaurant I kept failing to invite a lady, and where arrived is a small Japanese restaurant only in the counter in the Pontochyo’s lane. The restaurant an office worker of a member of society for 1st year can’t enter absolutely.

“Is it a restaurant knowing?”

I listen to the man and “do not know. “And once said.

Therefore I ordered two dishes, and liquor was called “the check” in the time when full.

It’s done at time, and it’s about 20 minutes. A man entered the cool shot bar in the lane different again though he said “A lane was the one with a good store.”

Therefore he put ice under the paper napkin and I ran the pen which I had to trace it and have begun to ask the next woman the swelling suddenly.

The woman waved a neck aside “do you know what I wrote?”.


“It is the breast”



I drank one cup again in the shop and entered the different shop again and I drank only one cup again and broke up. He said, “thank you was fun today.” and left like wind.

Time when I don’t sometimes know the meaning in a life passes, and there is time when the character who doesn’t know the meaning appears. That’s "encounter" obviously. Such "encounter" has passed for more than 10 years, that it was remembered well and it was experienced at the same time even now, the future, it’s the food and is left, and there is also time of a spider.

For example “with the store where the lane is good” “I drink only one serving and parade a first store.” etc..

Outline of these drink now that I have become. Reconsidered, this work wear of special was I met my uncle.

After all I go as possible barhopping without such a meeting point overflowing in a bar, and saying with no inferior liquor to a young person though, even so, it is what and think that I want you to meet a various person.

That’s necessary to raise an experiential value in a life.

Even if I make a mistake, it’s better to say “Can I sketch?” and speak to a lady and, a breast is drawn at the counter, I think it’s better not to imitate.

“column:, SHORU”

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