The day when I drank liquor for the first time.”Over thirties drunk’s ballade”


The quiet relay column by the office worker two people of thirties who long for way drinking now does stupid intoxication for rotgut, and spends twenties, and by which it’s beyond forties. Please enjoy a failure story at the seat and a good account of liquor of the two people who also became good at how to associate with liquor.

Half of glass. That was the limit.

It was he as a so-called party that I drank liquor directly for the first time.

The liquor which is for the first time by a first party. I have the one which was made in distress in the situation that it isn’t also imaginable what happens to what for a memory.

A meeting started for now and because beer didn’t seem drinkable, I took up a shochu highball.

How much do you drink? Even if it’s heard, such, though you think it isn’t understood, you put it in a glass much.

O. It’s quite good, a situation will think oh and changes completely 5 minutes later.

Yes, this feeling what is which. The sky, flying. But I have not flown in the air and. It’s fluffy for now. If it was comfortable or bad or I noticed without understanding, that was lying idle.

If I got up, the cold eyes stuck me.

I became very uncomfortable, and said “I returned.” “Then I return, too.” with, the friend who went said.

Because it was very boring, I say, and it “is judged” by the way home. It wasn’t told to the women who played tonight, but he uttered a good word very suitably, and he was returning.

And I seem to have been sleeping for about 2 hours.

Without giving it while first liquor made them feel the pleasure, the sadness and eroticness, I was clapped in the world of a sleep.

Like half of glass’s being false in now, I drink a lot of sake, and even sake is drinking distilled spirits without interference beer.

I have begun to give suggestion who knows whether it’s bad only sometime begins to drink water concurrently, and will depend on a turmeric and save strangely, and being enough and good, too.

You can say only one.

The liquor liquor drinks with than its own gusto loving people is good above all.

To touch the young people who begin to become in thirties and drink liquor also comes out, and I fall like avalanche in Kiyamachi, how to drink isn’t done.

It may be the one by which it’s also our business to make them build “fun and drinkable liquor”. Of course, for now, beer, the common sense isn’t had and is left, and it may be the one about which you shouldn’t get angry.

It seems it became reckless on the next day, not to scatter a complaint, not to drink, and I didn’t remember so much what you were speaking about, but fun, I like how to drink as expected.

(Column:  Fukudakuda)

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