Putting the cart before the horse sake of insect:Over thirties drunk’s ballade.


Insect of putting the cart before the horse wine

Servants is basically no money. There feel like not even.

So appears such us a strong ally “Standing bar”.

“Payday Is the before, and crispy because there is no money,” while previously said there,

It is about two hours If noticing.
No, there are more that are more than 2 hours.

But I do not know how the average time of the Standing drink, short is not. It should be classified as longer.

What the original Standing drinking purpose of


– In a short period of time

·Feel free

But I think it would be such Toko,

Ikansen drink mind will win, noticing it for two hours.

Well well considered if the foot is also painful. I have been tired in’re leaning. It reasonable to eat and drink if put 2 hours, become decent amount of money said to be cheap.

So, it’s a tail wagging the dog.

The point is, you only want to drink. I know sake of insect.

Not change I should Nazukere Nante, even while they were barely even slightly, with Whew and breath staring a little far away, that tweet and I wish was over also Ah this week with nature, a moment of Friday do not know well with a someone name Please give me.

The we go servants in order to throw that feeling. To drink alcohol.

Yet, eventually getting better, even if something can work, tilting the 2 hours Cup without any irritation in Kudakuda standing upright the story, such as forget when you hear tomorrow.

I wonder What a a cruel story considering.

Servants every day, to fight during the day society, the night unfolds the struggle with their fitness and liver at the falling bar.

What the hell did this happen from time.

When, I do consider. It may be somewhat of the same kind of feeling as had a drink park and home to the Toka was a student.

I have no money, want to spend doing something with someone. I want to drink the time being wearing the option of beyond drink a 20-year-old, there is no money for.

Go beer bought in the house of the park and someone at a convenience store, but that girl is cute, byte is the languid, had spent the time that the named called to talk, such as forget Once you become tomorrow.

I just want to drink so eventually. Servants does not change anything fundamentally even after forever.

Such or Shokon of the, still pompous shop restless.

To drink while stretching the Achilles tendon that matches the tall in the masses specific tavern.

When the well try to think well, it would be payday before Toka regardless of the beginning of the month but will be during the month, but I ~ Lovely Idol to the public specific counter and the sake of the insects have been attracted.

“Fukuda kuda”

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