For encounter in befits not incredibly beautiful woman and popular tavern in place – Drunken Tan nine night eyes


Certainly she was there.

To the masses tavern that has been piled up unnecessarily beer case in not so widely dirt floor, she never not suitable, the black hair of long hair, wearing a dress of velvet of dark red, put your feet on the black approximately 10cm heel, presence He emphasized the a bust, had a big eyes to attract people.

But incredibly beautiful woman.

“Scotch is I want to drink, it is also a double.”

Indeed she said so.

Whew, or not say if there is such a thing. I said toward the girlfriend who was involuntarily next.

“There is no Sukkochi here. Here and some beer there, the shochu. And sake. After that I just Uncle was tired.”

“Am I want to drink Scotch.”

“Kai You are not in the wrong place. Scotch is not here. Even fore Roses, Even Jack Daniel, there are not. Here is certainly a tough place. However, do not palm have Even Philip Marlowe is here it. ”

She does not respond to it, just scraped up the beautiful hair with one hand, he showed the ear that was a beautiful form.
It was very It was a charming ear, things enough to think what if one tried to run to buy a Scotch close to the liquor Mountain. She opened the mouth after a short time.

“It Is so. No. Scotch.”

“How did you stick to Scotch up there.”

“I not a big deal. Scotch had this shop in the place where I wanted to drink. Foot is facing in this shop with nature, now I’m here. Just Are such it only thing.”

“But it’s just the thing.”

“So much of the thing.”

I try to think about drinking a beer. In the place where I wanted to drink a beer, I would accidentally get I still If there is this store.

And, I have decided to say a word “beer is I want to drink,” surely so. As waterfall of water to fall with fluency, it was a natural thing.

“I was tried a little thinking, what you say is I feel extremely legitimate to.”

“I do not know you in what is seen, now I know is do you need to find a place to drink a Scotch out of here. It might be just such of.”

Saying that, she went out of the masses tavern rang with barely a heel.

Then I ask the shochu on the rocks, drank at a stretch about half a dried squid to fish.

She since then, I wonder if I found a shop that Scotch can drink. Less then the possibility that I know it, there is no need to know. But she is a little mad the taste of even the liquor state unusual that was in this shop is now.

At that time I might was to look for a nice place to drink of Scotch together out of the shop. A complete atmosphere that just does not do so is she had.

It is a complete and perfect was nothing that blurring also been completed does not feel.

Since then I, think about the little things of Scotch when you ask the shochu in the tavern.

And just think a little bit about the form of the beautiful ears.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Since the spare time and have a standing drink alone, there also be thought of as I wish if there is such a thing.
It might be one day, might not sure.

“Column: Fukuda tube”

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