The problem that it’s important to Japanese to decline an invitation of boss’s drinking:Over thirties drunk’s ballade,vol.2

The day when I declined the invitation of the drinking session of the boss for the first time


Basic I am the person that the paste is not bad.
I like the liquor, too.
I go to the basics to drink to the co-worker of the company if invited.
But because is a human being; of the feeling do not sometimes get on. I do not sometimes feel inclined and do not want to merely go very much not to mention the days when the drinking session that the physical condition is bad continued.
The liquor recovers from a cold with a good medicine! There is the saying person, but probably it is a lie how.
There is not the cured trial and turns worse with considerable probability from experience. Sorry.
Okay, there is the day when anyone does not want to go to drink.

I enter the company and it is still good and, in the daysof two or three years, remembers the day when I declined an invitation of the liquor of the boss for the firsttime.

The boss’s invitation is the so-called usual outbreak, not notification of audit a type type.
There is also a sudden invitation several times before, I, to that.
“Do you go to drink?”? How about today?
I was responding with “Good SSU NE!”
Some Japan and boss overtime work follows said to me.
“Don’t you go to drink?”? How about today?
There were no schedules in particular, but I didn’t feel like going to drink somehow, and declined somehow.
“It’s useless CHOI today.”
“Make, do you have that?”
“Yes, a little”
A simper of that case’s boss is remembered even now. It’s like a sheepish grin what to say.
The one by which ITTSU is also suddenly for this person’s invitation by everything for that case and wax? I thought so.

And I’m approaching the boss’s age of the time by the wonderful speed now. Much YU or junior could also make it a subordinate.
When being busy, work is here.
When its busyness faces a climax, I feel like drinking anyhow.
Surprisingly, it’s YU or one step more, by such feeling that CHOI which will exert itself is the mark which will take a breather.
Drinking is deserted at such time one person, so I feel like asking, a junior.
Before asking, the day when I gave up boss’s liquor for the first time is remembered.
Well, I meet or I’m the outbreak type, too. The reason that this will be the outbreak type. It’ll be now, and boss’s feeling is understood finally.
I put forth the courage and speak to a junior.
“Do you go?”? How about now?
“Oh? Where do you go??”
The time tries to change certainly.


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