The best of situations that drink: Over thirties drunk’s ballade.


Situations that drink is variety.

Full of the usual fellow and popular tavern, the company’s New Year’s party in a hotel banquet hall, with a little fancy shop blind date, full of her and the bar, such as such as evening drink while watching your favorite television at home.
Or fun, there are many situations or not as much fun.

The best of situations that drink

But a little story will change, some musicians, was saying these things a long time ago. (I do not remember exactly. Extent that roughly liked such a thing)

It’s there are times when “music is live really. For example, the fall of the beginning, at the time of the beautiful evening, when the temperature is lowered to slip, that time, while riding a bicycle are listening to music. Just a good feeling downhill. that time is such that all of the views and ideas blend with the music. even though listening to the same music in such a feeling, there is a time to soak amazing ”

That feeling, I also seen amazing but a little smelly.
But might be exaggerated, that moment, I’m glad to be alive Oh, is I think I was good born to human beings.

So, so talk back.
Even sake I think the same thing can be said.
Even drink the same wine, for me the moment to soak up to is, if present.
A hot summer day, or was a beer garden to go with fellow working oodles, with sake to drink peck herring while also seen in the red and white in the New Year’s Eve kotatsu Attari.

Although there are many accumulate does situations, to announce a private drinker situation Ranked # 1 I place now and is a “whiskey drinking in the camp.”

Night daytime temperatures dropped to as a lie, after the children were asleep in a tent, while the bonfire, drinking smoked who smoked in the barrel tip of his own whiskey in one hand, whiskey lock.
Clear air, the sky is full of stars, insects of the voice, the sound I bonfire of crackling. Other is nothing.
Meanwhile, whiskey to drink without thinking anything.
Korezo, strongest invincible situations.
Not to Mon compared with whiskey to drink at the store and at home.
How to stain Different situations in the same drink like this is at all differences intends.

So, in terms of drinking I drink to everyone, including me, and I feel I want you to have as much as possible the situation to uplift it to think.
Because, that time is a happy time unmistakably, of course, it is because life becomes reliably fun as it is often The more.
“Column: Shoru”

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