How to make only one in the world: Way of thinking of Yoshiaki Konaka, the needle worker challenge super vintage jeans Day2


When starting “FORTY NINERS” with 3 people, Mr. Konaka, Mr. Kishida (FORTY NINERS  Store manager) and Mr. Nishizawa (You were an entertainer at present.) 21 years ago, he wasn’t sewing. For some reason, various affair and concern were there for thinking Mr. Konaka was a maker from a buyer in a selection shop.

Day2: The trigger which has begun to produce items and future’s development

The person who wants to certainly make friends

It was during the second year of high school arose at the elementary and middle school also no interest in clothes that were bad for Japan. He made nomeri込ma to the American casual affair and the encounter.

“When a high school for 2 years? I participated in many people’s quarrel for a superior. I put on the next day or the police force and appear. If I consult my father, wipe your bottom by yourself, and a lever stay here, and be talked about. That I was returning from the police, and it calmed down, I called. The thing I don’t need is done, and it’s done from an outrigger whether a superior is troubled, they aren’t precocious, you can be here and strike it and it’s that an apology called. Then, everyone is yes, to the police parent did. Did you go by yourself conversely? I’m here, tower. At the time of SON, it was. It’s being done, and what do I think? There was also anger, do. Why is it the line by itself? It’s strange. They’re whether such one was done, it’s done, and, even octopus”

“Then I stopped that I played with the friend who played so far, and I was looking whether it was not interesting immediately and performed it to the senior of the surfer in Osaka, and American casual was popular then, and Amerikamura was cool. It has fitted in immediately. As for me who could not see a rotation, it was said in Osaka a week if I began to do one and I saw clothes from one end and turned around”


“And when it was done a little, a classmate around a junior high school said that it became cool. If liking American casuals, because there is also a fascinating person in my high school, you should come to meet. And the one the person collected was Mr. Kishida”

“Mr. Kishida was very cool. He was featured by the fashion magazine I was reading then as a fashionable person. The clothes were also cool. When speaking was done, I clicked together right now. I thought a friend would like to be by all means. It was much same from there. The understanding person who is most”


Naoki Kishida

The jinx in motivation

It’s the east Omi city where Shiga-ken is east that there are Mr. Onaka’s store and a factory. About 115,000 people live in the wide land which develops from Suzuka cordillera to Biwa-ko Lake. When I say by the population density, it’s the scale of about 1/6 of Kyoto-shi. When I run from the housing and around Youkaichi station at which a store concentrates for about 5 minutes by car, the fields will spread immediately. When I say that a mountain and a river have abundant nature, the sonority is good, but it shouldn’t be the place to which I go intentionally for sensitive people to buy clothes fashionably. It doesn’t also turn big with the current state 20 years before. “FORTY NINERS” starts as an oldclothesman at such place.

“Neither clothes, beauty nor food succeed. Even if it opens, it closes right now. Such place. It was such place that a store was started for the first time”

“While because “a place borrows only 2 tsubos, and I still did a student with three with Nishizawa with Kishida, a university goes”

“When it didn’t succeed, it was called. There is also a case that I was a college student in a reason. I got angry. I’ll call a visitor by all means. If nothing should be done, we’ll make them succeed for the first time. I thought so”

“Easy talk. It should be continued until it succeeds. It’s useless by 10 times, 20 times. It’s useless by 20 times, 40 times”


It is my fate to protect

Mr. Konaka and others were getting something good by the connoisseur and were increasing a customer steadily centering on localness. And I kept running it there for 10 years. An enterprise does according to another view, and it’s said that 90 percent of company goes bankrupt within 10 years. But the whammy was made a motivation and a result was left tightly. Meanwhile Mr. Konaka also graduates from a university tightly. I say that I thought “To stop on the way didn’t open.”And a store is being moved to the present place, something to stock is increased and a fan is being increased rapidly. They were also these days that I have begun to put manufacturing in the view.

“When stocking is done by themselves, I’m being a keen observer. Doing which was also dealing with a vintage. I often thought the price of the goods might be strange, and it was. A maker makes, and a manufacturer decides the price, during seeing various ones, it was felt so.”

“I thought I’d like to make something which can be met perfectly. I think I can do. I went to Okayama immediately. Because it was Okayama when saying sewing. So sewing was learned. You told me all ways of making thread and weaves of fabric”

“But something was different. Something finished was seen and uneasiness was felt. The sewing machine which is this is different, and, oh. There is how to sew 30 ‘s in 30 ‘s in 40 ‘s in 40 ‘s, the, I noticed that it was a sewing machine in the time to achieve how to sew.”


There was a telephone from the man who was asking Mr. Konaka to repair vintage jeans during coverage.

“It’s under care. The sweat shirt asked for was finished. I’m sorry that chi is.”

I say to that I have called the man who lives in Tokyo. Before he was a fancier of vintage jeans, too, I was asking for a repair at Kanto area, but you can’t be satisfied with the finish, and it’s said that that I arrived was Mr. Konaka. Talk of work ended immediately, and I came to talk about vintage jeans from there. When I come to talk about a vintage, talk doesn’t stop any more with two people, either.

“I already do that in a Great War model though it becomes the price so as to be surprised and it is just with dead stock of Nana Yong or exceeds 200 and semidid in front of 100 until a short while ago whether it is 300”

“See more value to rise too much, I’m getting messed up. We sell ponpon, even funny sewing and Guy have resized to full. Age are only in it. Explosion Friday at I want people to say it. I’m even overseas like the Japanese is easy (Japanese are buying anything). Year I hooked what 1 times harisen often had oars, it is talk (laughs) ”

“I defend lovers, so today, I am. This time, in the Kanto region event!. Performance, there many come from overseas, with filter, I think. Bring dangerous sewing machine (sewing machine keep hand). And doing this in a Japanese agency or me. Surprised the filter I’m. Our Japan, me.”

People are gathered here from all over the world.

An old sewing machine is placed on Mr. Onaka’s workplace being crammed. The expensive sewing machine none can get easily. It’s well-founded to become expensive. It’s the Second World War. I say most was melted and that the sewing machine made with iron was a weapon. And high tech-ization of a sewing machine is developed after a world war, and an old sewing machine is being disposed of even there. And I say that sewing was completely an exception. When it’s judged from untrained eyes, it’s the difference I don’t know.

The decisive difference is here in the jeans and the replica Mr. Konaka makes. A replica tries to make the same shape restore by present-day sewing machine and technology. To put Mr. Konaka’s jeans together the time from a sewing machine, I say that sewing can also reproduce the state of the those days faithfully just as it is. This is the reason that Mr. Konaka calls himself a metamorphosis. But that’s intolerable for a fancier.


Hiroshi who became a staff from 6 years ago and Mr. Konaka who takes a ceremonial picture of the sewing machine which has just reached

I have received one sewing machine during coverage. I say that it was found in the United Kingdom by a valuable model in the big prewar days. Mr. Konaka’s face when unpacking a sewing machine, seemed to be the child who got a Christmas present.

And perfect. I really have this kind of trap. Me, it also has, but not complete guy. It’s supposed to or missing hardware or. But this is not. There are many great.

“It’s in vintage variously. It’s called a vintage from 50 ‘s to 70 ‘s after a world war. Something in the previous time is called a super vintage from 40 ‘s older than that. When making something in the time, this sewing machine is necessary.”

“I think, trying to monopolize this sewing machine. Because it makes a big factory in East OMI-country. Bring the machine weaving, talking and Okayama”

“When it comes to this town, eat food you can buy nice clothes, cafe or restaurant Hiromichi, live, fun, making real things. Many people have deeper!. Artisans from all over the world, it’s funny and I like people who want to call”

Such people are already gathering already. Shimizu working as a needle worker from August, 2016. I say for 1 year, that I frequented here from Fukui-ken. A former profession works for a sewing factory, and it’s said that the position was also the top.

“She has lived and worked at me!. Fukui is home only on weekends. However, the dream was a sew jeans. Stop sewing factory was working for, has worked since August. I don’t defend me. The responsibility to protect. So I continue to grow. Still yet to come.”

He said, laughing happily. Realize that is steadily approaching the dream might be.

Net sale is being also done at present, but when I’d like to see a store once, it’s said that there are a lot of people who also go from another prefecture. I have the atmosphere which seems to be person’s jeans loving sacred place. Mr. Konaka’s jeans can be bought at about 45,000 yen. An order is also included from foreign countries, and it takes time until goods are within reach by reservation waiting. But when I come to this place and see a production site once, it’s seeming still to want. I want you to experience the heat capacity of the site and the finish once by all means. Mr. Konaka who keeps changing and my company will also grow by the early speed now, and can’t take their eyes off this town.

Day1: Way of Konaka to catch success

Yoshiaki Konaka
Representative “York house Co., Ltd.” representative “CONNERS SEWING FACTORY”
Shop:FORTYNINERS (select shop)
A telephone: 0748-23-4762
An address: 14-25, Yokaichihonmachi, Higashiomi-shi, Shiga
Close: Without holiday

“Text, Photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa”

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