How to make only one in the world: Way of thinking of Yoshiaki Konaka, the needle worker challenge super vintage jeans

Scarcity value can’t make the article called a vintage as well as wine with the element I have only at the time such as the technology and the way of thinking to the material or a produced machine and goods in today, and becomes high like an old thing.

However, it is not only a thing to be old. A thing called “masterpiece” every category exists in vintage because manufacturing to make much of feelings than productivity and efficiency was carried out. What a lover demands truly is nothing but it.

They’ll be jeans also to hear a vintage and think of besides the wine. Vintage of the jeans by which many collectors also exist in Japan. The price is exchanged by millions for 1 and soars every day.

Mr. Yoshiaki Konaka of “CONNERS SEWING FACTORY” we introduce this time says that such vintage jeans are produced today by “the original” by which the quality of the those days, not a “replica” is just as it is. Reservation rushes from the fancier of all over the world who saw its finish, and it’s said that the backorder exceeds 300. A way of thinking to manufacturing and company making of Mr. Konaka who draws his hot public scrutiny from the world was heard.

Day1: Way of Konaka to catch success

The greeting is fine. The very frank blond revolutionist who protects father’s telling


The power of observation sharp by a blond hair and loud voice. The impression by which I judged Mr. Konaka for the first time 4 years ago was “the person who seems afraid”. I greeted at that time, to the extent, the coverage by which it’s this time to speak carefully, first. So Mr. Konaka often speaks about understood one, and it’s said that they’re the person who looks like your frank elder brother who laughs and attends to everyone happily well.

“CONNERS SEWING FACTORY” is a production site of the jeans which make the world marvellous at about 1 minute on foot from a selection shop of fashion of American casuals in Shiga-ken Yokaichi he manages “FORTY NINERS”. When I opened a door, Mr. Konaka stayed his hand and met with loud voice like the time when he met for the first time.

“Welcome, here. Thanks for coming today”

The popularity accepts coverage for me who run few WEB magazine without doing an unpleasant face and does good-natured greetings. The reason had one teaching that Konaka was said from father for the childhood period.

“You have to greet. Merchant’s business core message. His father said so. Also have to learn it won’t inconvenience to others, and do as you like. This was the teachings of my father.”

“A father said. If I begin to work, it can be understood. There is a person who can’t do a basis of communication as a greeting. When even the smart person who said can’t greet, he can’t engage in business. That I was apparent in a word ”

“I was stupid, so I believed that a father says and didn’t study. And I was thinking only a person is always delighted.”


I think, assume the enemy is not strong in, but not that make enemies.

When his speaking was heard, some things knew the specialty for Mr. Konaka. One, get along well with anyone. One, doing what the partner delighting a partner demands as far as there is him.

“I have very good reaction”

“When I eat dinner at my friend’s home, a friend’s mother made really loud in his praises. I’m envious friends daily eaten such a delicious dish. I said I want to also eat the food came my friend’s mother has very good mood. It was nice to me. ”

“When I was a student, I was very bad man. Still only the greeting was made energetic. Then an unpleasant face isn’t had from a person in neighborhood.”

“When I said hello lively, the neighboring person did not think me to be a bad person”

“When it was small, I flashed. When I greet, it can be many people and friends. Stupid I can be smart person and friend, too. If I have been in trouble, you should have a smart person help”

“Tend to be good at work. Suppliers will tell me a lot. Tell various information that sometimes is not just business partners, went to City Hall to give remarks at the low-profile. I’m blonde and then surprised everyone first. But I was nice and low-profile, fun to talk. So you can get more information from the other party, by the time I finished talking together”

“I think, assume the enemy is not strong in, but not that make enemies.I think conflict is getting lost and the good guys were friends,.”


Right to dream, left hand on the computer

“FORTY NINERS” celebrated its 21st year. And the third year “CONNERS SEWING FACTORY”, pub “FUJIYA”. The idea of your dreams come true at the elementary and middle school, apparel, food and beverage outlets also revolves around and want to be successful.

“Is anxiety of the work you say to be concerned with money?”

“Many people say that there is. It has a dream in his right hand, left hand for computer, that.”

“As well as the story of the dream, you must think about money. You do not make only a talk of the money and must talk about a dream.”

“It’s a story of balance. Because people can walk on two legs, balance is good. I think people who can’t walk and balance is good.”

“The company goes the same thing. I think the balance of money and dreams, and company does not grow.”

“The purpose of my work, not money. I’m not interested in money. I think what you need. Money is a tool for your dreams come true. Car to move oil, it’s required.”

I’m earning money wonderfully. And money is used wonderfully. I’m buying a luxury car by money and am not buying a luxury clock. It’s used for a person that I use money. Person of our company. It’s used to defend person’s employment of a company. Money is used because manufacturing isn’t lost. It’s invested because my work isn’t lost.


I second to none; It’s “my love” and “commitment”

It’s an exciting feeling to realize his dream. Understand the feelings of the world acknowledged that his three years.

“Many sewing techniques are better than me. But nobody beat me with “my love” and “commitment”.”

“I have belief. Seniors do startle speed chasing me. Junior won’t be anything! Because for me all are doing ago. I have worked in such feelings.”

“There is nothing to hide from me. A person in the same trade also comes to this factory. But when my commitment is seen, they notice that I’m a monster, and they’re returning. I hope that everyone comes to see once, too. It’s astonished, and you should return.”

From words of Konaka who was full of strong faith, it was indicated to see as a rival not looking at the person in the same profession as an enemy. In Day2, I want to introduce the thing which Konaka makes and a shop, the thought for the friend.

Day2: The trigger which has begun to produce items and future’s development 

Yoshiaki Konaka
Representative “York house Co., Ltd.” representative “CONNERS SEWING FACTORY”
Shop:FORTYNINERS (select shop)
A telephone: 0748-23-4762
An address: 14-25, Yokaichihonmachi, Higashiomi-shi, Shiga
Close: Without holiday

“Text, Photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa”

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