Blankly the light of the lamp – Light-up event of Myoshin-ji Temple, Torin-in “Event to enjoy the light of the candle”

Maximum of Japan located in the garden area of Kyoto, Ukyo-ku, Zen temple “Myoshin-ji Temple”. The there was noble of residence of the garden a long time ago, from the fact that the four seasons colorful flowers bloomed, that came to be known as the Garden. The Tatchu of Myoshin-ji Temple, there blooms a beautiful flower Tatchu is a number. Famous saul “Tōrin-in” would be its representative. Here are the general public about once every six months, until now October 16, the night of the special admission has been held.

To swaying in light of 梵燈, fantastic space, such as a swinging moss garden


It has been surrounded by the bamboo grove “Tōrin-in”. Saul gardens and of, listen to the tone of suikinkutsu overlooking the garden of the dry landscape. In many of the chic people visit famous temple, currently fantastic event has been held.

The chief priest handmade Akari tile “梵燈”, light a candle, a small light just enjoy the garden in the “Kai familiar with the light of 梵燈”. Light of lambently flickering glowing candle, drop a subtle shading to the garden of stones and trees. Tone of insect of voice and faintly hear suikinkutsu be coupled with, here is a fantastic space.

The bell sound of a monkey temple off the worldly desires that the temple bell. There is a “familiar with the 梵燈”, also seems to have been put meaning that the lights of the temple and the temple bell in 梵燈.


The teaching of Myoshinji faction

The teachings of the Myoshinji school, there is a faith of words with the creed of life. Place the body and the word that describes the gesture of the heart in a corner of the store, you might want also to look at the slowly garden.

Life creed

Once a day let furnished the mind and breathing with the body sitting quietly
let’s also to cherish their own lives also the lives of others awakened to the preciousness of human
Let’s Masonry line of thank yourself that are alive gratitude

Words of faith

Myself a by Flip watch this left empty Nari and, let’s sit in quiet
sentient beings believe Nari original Buddha, Let’s Yuki worship
praying the society of mind and the Garden, let’s live in a friendly atmosphere


In the Torin-in it is also available tea ceremony, taste green tea and coffee.


Myoshinji Tōrin-in “Event to enjoy the light of the Bon-to(梵燈) candle”
■ Fee: 500 yen
■ Address: Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture Ukyo-ku, Hanazonomyoshinji-cho, 64
■ Phone: 075-463-3121
■ holding period: October 2016 7 to October 16 days
■ Open: 18:00 to 21:00 (20:30 Iriyama last)
■ Parking:◯
■ HP: Http://Www.Myoshinji.Or.Jp/
notes – tripod unavailable . Monopod usable.

“Text, Photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa”

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