Even people who visit every year to a person, “a banner of the village” is in the mood, for the time being 2016- 2017’s theme is “earth”

Illuminations completely was established as a winter tradition. Among the events to be held throughout the country, all you have are light bulbs and a maximum, such as LED grade used by “a village of Bana.” Likely directing us to the world of breathtaking views on the theme of “earth” is this year.

A height of about 30 m, a large panorama of the illumination of the horizontal width of about 155 m


Including the unexplored region of the world four continents, to Japan of scenery, beautiful scenery and a magnificent created by the nature, and the scale transitory the largest domestic scene more than imagination, in vivid colors by programming techniques of the highest peak in the world, expressive directing us to.

Superb view that emerges by the light is five.

Americas Monument Valley
America of the original landscape, feel the large western Roman “Monument Valley”. Indigenous people wilderness of mystery that he called the Holy Land, brown strata, to finish feel the 270 million years of Earth’s history and nature wonders. The world from the beautiful morning sun and dawn, also referred to, is supposed to no longer tied eyes until the excitement of the scene to direct the workings of nature.

between tens of thousands of years, never melts huge glaciers and icebergs. Illuminations depicting the dramatic appearance of wild animals of penguins and whales that live in the polar regions, the brilliantly choreographed the Earth last unexplored region “Antarctica”. Among the clear air, even the starry sky and the sky spread far 360 degrees, such as the appearance of the aurora light weave in the sky, white spread to the continent, also there is no impressive mystical beauty that you have seen.

African continent
shining sun, a variety of wild animals of the strong silhouette, such as giraffes and elephants reflected on the waterside of the oasis. Such as a symbol of Africa “Baobab”, to stage the wild animals and nature to live in Savannah, scene spread in majestic is, should you can feel the mystery of Mother Earth Africa.


Eurasia  Plitvice Lakes National Park
World Heritage Site “Plitvice Lakes National Park” motif, which is known as “the most beautiful waterfall some places in the world”. Scene that large and small number of emerald green lakes and waterfalls weave is, attractions number one be. From paradise, hear the twitter of birds, produce a vibrant scene that rich natural Michiru. Especially recommended, I started coloring leaves will fall, likely it scene that will increase the vividness.


Terraced rice fields
of terraced rice fields, which are also referred to as the thousand Hirata landscape, beautiful original landscape that Japan has. In the transitory of the four seasons, and, likely even in one day, it focused on the scene to change the variety of facial expressions. The blue sky reflected in the water surface of the rice terraces, reflection is white clouds, feel the life force in the mountains. It shines like a mirror in the sunset, lyrical moments of excitement dyed to madder.In addition, a beautiful full moon of light, illuminating the night of terraced rice fields, as well, such as directing the subtle and profound light of fireflies dance attractions.

It is full of attractions to other


100m of the light of the tunnel, which set up in the newly emerging last. Production with the image of the autumn, the exquisite use of color change from green to red, entranced. Delicate and beautiful, the attention to the color sense of the sum. Of course, welcome is, of 200m of light tunnel.

In addition, such as “light of the big river” of the nation’s largest as the water of illumination, “I want to go, I want to see” a production which was considered the theme, be the entrance to the fantastic world travel. Pat on standby the camera, enjoy the handy around the world of the weekend.


Such Bana village illumination
Address: Mie Prefecture Kuwana Nagashima-cho, Komae Urushibata 270 address
holding period: 2016 10/15 (Sat) – 2017 5/7 (days) (205 days)
lighting time: 17 pm time (sunset time, etc. change there) – business hours until the end by the
business hours: 9:00 to 21:00 on weekdays year-end and New Year holidays (12 / 31,1 / 1) (excluding ※ 12/28 ~ 30,3 / 1 ~ 5/7)
9:00 to 22:00 (except ※ 12 / 31,1 / 1 is) Saturday, holiday-busy time (12/28 to 30,3 / 1-5 / 7)
fee: “Nanami coupons” at the time of Irimura 2,300 yen purchase Is necessary. (Or more elementary school students) (1,000 yen with cash voucher that can be used in the village of Bana)
HP: Http://Www.Nagashima-onsen.Co.Jp/
TEL: 0594-41-0787

“Text, Photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa”

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