From the city about two hours by car – the end of the beginning of the month will enjoy a “Mr. Ochobo” crowded Gifu in the merchant

“Fushimi Inari” of Kyoto, is said to be Along with Japan’s three large Inari Shrine “Toyokawa Inari” Aichi “Tamotsu Chiyo Inari”. The local nicknamed “Mr. Ochobo”, worshipers visit more than two years millions. In particular, every month, to the “mediocrity Festival” to be carried out through the beginning of the month from the end of the month, not only within the prefecture, many merchant carry a foot from the province to neighboring Aichi Prefecture and Shiga Prefecture. Fair is followed from the night of the end of the month until the next day of the dawn, most of the shops of the day temple town is open until dawn, enjoying the festival.

Fair there are many local people than tourists


It is familiar from the local nickname of “Ochobo san” “Tamotsu Chiyo Inari Shrine (Chiyobo Inari Shrine)”

Prosperous business, marriage, is a in such pass prayer there is a divine favor, gained popularity from merchant “Tamotsu Chiyo Inari”. I do not on the size of the more “Fushimi Inari” and “Toyokawa Inari”, only the end of the beginning of the month, the number of worshipers jumps significantly. In addition, because less public transportation, less the number of foreign tourists, for visiting the Japanese most.


Unusual worship method


There is no charm or Goshuin is in the precincts, it is little changed the way to worship. First, buy a candle and deep-fried tofu. Light a candle the hope in 燈明 field. Then with offerings fried along with the offertory in the main hall of the Qing Leiden, convey a wish. But this is not many people, likely Uranaeru whether the wish come true in the main hall next to “heavy pumice”.Method of fortune-telling is easy and safe. Lift the stone put in the original location with both hands. “If wishes come true, please have lighter (or, please have become heavier)” and praying lift again. I wish in the main hall when I turned to the streets that come true. Because the heavy stone, the child is divine is prohibited.

The economy of looks good shop around


Store of gold up to, of course restroom “skewers Tamaka”

In addition to the vicinity of the shrine, there is a store of stalls and temple town is approximately 110, skewers, bank boiled, river fish dishes and Kusa Mochi, pickles and the like can be eaten. Among them, conspicuously eye-catching of the “skewers Tamaka”. What I eye-catching, the store is shining shiny gold. Not only the store, attention that gold until the restroom is, especially popular in the worshipers often this shrine hoax the economy and luck.But I visited 18 days ago, had begun already visiting regulations.


But also good skewers here, for the time being boiled bank. Carefully braised was Motu is delicious in a rich miso soup. Easy price as long as also glad that one 90 yen. Only skewers shop, after a meal many dark seasoning that source and miso chunky is in the mouth. If you want to freshen it is trying to order a noodle of bland.


The ball home “meat noodles 450 yen”

Close to, because there is also a shop, such as catfish of broiled can eat, when I came to play and try to choose from looking around all at once.


Tamotsu Chiyo Inari mediocrity Festival
held from the evening of the end of each month until the next day dawn
Address: Gifu Prefecture kaizu Hirata-cho Misato 1980
Parking: Paid

Skewers Tamaka
Address: Gifu Prefecture kaizu Hirata-cho Misato 1997
Tel: 0584-66-2294
Hours: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 ※ end of the month, year-end and New Year is open until early morning
Close: Irregular

“Text, Photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa”

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