Change of pace “Auroshikha incense” at home all day long.

When you spend it all day in a house, do you not light incense? Many fragrances change the feeling that there is. Rose, olibanum, a sandalwood, the surely favorite fragrance including the grapefruit should be found.

Effect of the fragrance


Fragrance of the tree system letting you feel fine in mind concentration, a head

Please use study or reading in situation using the head a little.
“A eucalyptus” … A refreshing refreshing fragrance.
“Tea toe Lee” … A cool fragrance to let you imagine a young leave.
“A rosewood” … A fragrance with the deep sweetness harking back to Rose. I seem to be able to expect the stress reduction effect, too.

When you want to feel fresh, feel the fatigue

Because the herb has various fragrances, I introduce me in various ways.
“Peppermint” … A refreshing fragrance of menthol. I seem to refresh a feeling with a transparent sharp fragrance.
“A rosemary” … A strong clear fragrance of the stimulation. When I want to cause a motivation, it is recommended when I want to concentrate on it.
“Marjoram” … A fragrance to be spicy, and to feel warmth with the sweetness. I seem to be able to expect an effect to calm mind, and to reduce uneasiness and stress.

When you want to switch to. Lady popular citrus

When refresh mind and body; a pro-citrus fruit fragrance. A refreshing fresh fragrance.
“A grapefruit” … The fresh fragrance that is not too sweet. I give a feeling of happiness and seem to be able to expect an effect lighting a feeling.
“A lemon” … The fresh fragrance that splits open. I seem to do a feeling positively.

The atmosphere in the luxurious invisible Interior

The floral fragrance seems to let you feel space gorgeously.
“A lavender” … A calm, gentle fragrance. I seem to let a feeling calm down. That I relax a brainfag and bring relaxation deeply.
“Rose” … An elegant fragrance called the Queen of the fragrance. I seem to be able to expect an effect to heal the negative feelings including jealousy and the grudge. When want to do a feeling gorgeously; by all means.

Completely and feel weird when you want an exotic scent

The mysterious fragrance seems to change everyday mannerism life completely.
“Sandalwood” (sandalwood) … It features deep sweetness with the presence of mind. You soften stress, and will you make a calm feeling?
“A ylang-ylang” … “The ylang-ylang” which comes from Malay “flower in the flower.” The fragrance of the solid floral seems to strongly raise the feeling that sank indulgently. In Indonesia, I get up in the bedside and seem to be used to heap up the mood.

Scent of sweet divine, a unique resin system

As the fragrance that was holier than the ancient times, I seemed to be considered to be an offering to God.
“Franc Kyn sense” (olibanum) … I add eloquence to the fragrance of the sweet tree. I let a heart soften and seem to relax strain.
“Benzoin” (benzoin) … A fragrance sweet heavily like vanilla. When I want to keep a heart peacefully when it is depressed, it is recommended.

The fragrance that is spicy when I feel it to be vague when there is not stimulation

It is stimulating so that a fragrance is energetic. Fragrance of the spice bringing stimulation for daily life
“Cinnamon” … A fragrance with the sweetness that body is deep. I seem to heal sense of isolation. In addition, it is recommended because I can expect the appetite increase effect when I eat well and want to cheer up.
“Ginger” … I sharpen a sense with a hot fragrance and seem to raise concentration. When a motivation declines; by all means.

Cute package “Auroshikha” which treated a flower


Incense of “Auroshikha” made in India. It is a characteristic that a flower is used for a package as for the series of “Nature’ s Garden” above all though there is some series, and the appearance is cute.
There are a stick and a corn type, and a stick type recommends a corn type if I like strong fragrances if a little wants to enjoy moo a thin fragrance with a key for a long time.
I can purchase it in Malaika of race miscellaneous goods in Kyoto.
When you spend it in a house, change a feeling with incense regularly.

“Text,Photo:Naoyuki Nakagawa”

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