BBQ and natural origin insect repellent for the good fragrance which plays an active part by an outdoor

When there are also a lot of BBQ and person who camps and uses an insect repellent at the time of a form of going out. A person with resistance should be necessary for something for which free scientific medicine is used, too. Please try the citronella sprayer which blended an ingredient of natural origin at such time.

Good for a person, the fragrance it smells and I don’t like in a bug


The one with which the scientific ingredient the bug called DITO dislikes is being combined was most in a conventional insect repellent. Bad influence to a human body is uneasy and there is also a lot of something not so influential to the body by which an ingredient of squid lysine and aroma oil is included at present. To want to introduce the one generated scientifically only and still for the person who doesn’t like that, “citronella sprayer”.

While goods including a scientific ingredient suppress “no odor” and the smell, and there is a lot of GA in a landing net, a bug can’t attract a mosquito in particular by the added refreshing and spicy intense fragrance, and this sprayer makes the herb the citrus system and. It’s recommended to the person who doesn’t like the fragrance of the citrus system and it isn’t put on, but I should be impressed by most people refreshingly.

Feeling, the aroma effect with which you refresh feeling positively.


I’m happy that the aroma effect can also be expected again. “Eucalyptus and SHITORIODORA” it’s said that the other headache and sterilization effect which have the kou depressed effect and lead to light feeling together also have a high fragrance of “citronella”. Moreover the deodorization effect can also be expected, so I may just puff with SHU in the hot season when I sweat and play an active part instead of a deodorant sprayer.

Precautions for use

Use it too much, and when I make a mistake in use method, it’s said that it leads to an inflammation and loss of eyesight, so please defend a notice.
* The use to a child below 4-year old is bad.
* Also avoid use to a hurt, an eye, a nose, the mouth and an armpit.

It’s said that the effect continues for about 3 hours, as sense, about 12 hours. It’s a small sprayer, so even if it’s carried around, please try it out so that it fits into a pouch.

These goods are bought at an Asian grocery store as “MALAIKA” in Kyoto. It may be better for goods which resemble a net to try that of many coming.

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