In a chair and a pillow! “hickory pipe cushion” of [Mujirushi-ryohin] is convenient.

Clothes, cutlery and a stationery with the design of which I don’t get tired simply are fashionable from the [generic quality goods] to which a life offers the item which becomes fun colorfully, the cushion on which you can sit down appears.

Refreshing and pretty hickory stripes which agree with every kind of room


It was visited casually, the one purchased on impulse by [Mujirushi – ryohin(無印良品)], “the pipe cushion on which cotton hickory stripes sit down”. Thin stripes of white and navy are a refreshing impression, and simplicity seems also to fit the room which are a popular Brooklyn style and a total taste as well as a modern room.

It’s also easy to use above all. I don’t have that until I say the function as the legless chair by the stable seating comfort which fits the bottom according to the movement. I’m relaxing by a sofa, and when having tried to strike it, it’s OK to use it as a pillow. The feeling in bed also isn’t bad and nearly lies idle sound just as it is.

It can be also carried around and it’s also recommended as child’s sofa!


[Mujirushi-ryohin] the pipe cushion on which cotton hickory stripes sit down (including tax, 4500 yen). 28 centimeter corner

There is also 28 centimeters of durability hand by a corner and compactness, so it’s easy to carry. When one is in a camp, it may come in handy. It isn’t cotton, a pipe cushion, so air permeability is also often recommended to child’s small sofa. It can be melted at the place which becomes hot in the car at midsummer and. An aspect of good hygiene is also relief. It’s possible to remove and wash only the outside cover, so I’ll wash periodically.

It’s also recommended to a form of present such as a building celebration and a birthday. The denim color is being also prepared, so when buying 2, even if the hickory and the another are made denim, 1 seems to be pretty coordination. Even if I go to a store directly, there may be a thing I didn’t have because it’ll be running low immediately.

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■Pipe cushion on which cotton hickory stripes(

“Text,  photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa “

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