It summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of felt with six months to “soap toothpaste”

As a toothpaste that does not use a synthetic surfactant, attention “soap toothpaste”. Because actually was worrisome, it uses from about six months ago. So and it was felt, I would like to write To Tsuratsura that I thought about, such as chemicals that you are using.

I felt to get started was only disadvantage


When I first began to use, “exhilaration” and “polished feel” like a thing is absolutely no obtained when I brushed my teeth, enough to refurbish the “Aquafresh” after I brushed my teeth in the “soap toothpaste”. In fact, using about one week, we return to the “Aquafresh” that has been used previously.

Still, that does not use the “synthetic surfactant”, it is attracted to the one point, the challenge to again “soap toothpaste”.

Again, and it does not foam, “exhilaration” in that there is no stimulation, but I did not at all, there was little change.

There is no feeling of nausea in the morning the position of the toothpaste

And get up in the morning, discomfort was bad breath and Nebatto is worrisome, but I was as soon as brushing teeth, there was a peculiar of nausea. It is no longer. Of course, If you think, to wake up in the morning, once it came those that foam stimulation strongly well into sudden mouth, and deny the body.

Also there was a change in the subsequent breakfast.

That taste of food after the toothpaste is, I had changed it’s before, which came to nearly ingredients of taste, the food original taste enjoy. Immediately and bad breath in the morning, without feeling the discomfort, the delicious breakfast is eaten, now expire well very mood of the start of the day. Morning coffee remains also delicious.

Now that after half a year to use

Roughly, when I was just one month. Feeling that I felt in the beginning was time, “there is no sense of exhilaration,” “there is no feeling that polished” is no longer.

“Polished feeling” is, I feel that was better than before perhaps. Because, now polish up every corner because it does not so much foam. Also, that was whether the time is also previously polish 1 minute, looks like time spent in one-time toothpaste is 3 minutes polish, because actually a long time brushing. Also with respect to its effervescent, but is insanely fine foam, you can realize that you are properly foaming.

For the “exhilaration”, although there is there is more of the previous things, this also is not worried now at all. By familiar, it refreshing feeling after brushing can be obtained.

I mean toothpaste of taste, because the smell is also “soap toothpaste” is using the natural peppermint flavor, the taste of soap does not at all.

There is no immediate discomfort happening, breakfast also makes delicious, nor Ezuku.Disadvantages felt initially use also, I feel the benefits in the current. I just got used.

And the little foam, sometimes called low-stimulation, without reluctant even in children, it does not might be toothpaste.

Soap toothpaste
“Text, Photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa”

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