Site policy


I run our site in conformity with the following site policy so that anyone can enjoy it.In addition, this is contents wanting not only we but also users using it to protect it.


[attention in site policy and the use]


(1) I do not do the act (I include an act to bring about these infringements directly or indirectly.) to infringe intellectual property rights, a right of likeness, a right of privacy, honor, other rights or profit.
(2)I do not do the act in conjunction with the criminal act or the act against public order and morals.
(3) I do not do the act in violation of an internal rule of the trade group where laws and ordinances or we or a user belongs to.
(4) I do not do the act to transmit the information including the harmful computer program of computer virus and others.
(5) I do not do the act to tamper with the information that I can use about this site.
(6) I do not do the act that might interfere with service of our administration or the service that others run.
(7) In addition, there is a case taking the measures that I included legal measures in the field of vision in a user made an act to judge that we are inappropriate.

[I declare personal information protection]

I recognize that I take serious social responsibility about personal information protection on performing Internet media business, and we observe the protection of the right of person, laws and regulations (I include laws and ordinances or other various guidances.) about the personal information and, according to a privacy policy shown below, plan thorough protection. In addition, we build compliance program to embody a policy shown below and common knowledge enforces it on our officer, employees and carries it out and declares that I raise all companies in what I improve continuously again and wrestle.

[privacy policy]

Correspondence to a complaint and consultation

We install "an inquiry window about the personal information" to cope without delay for proposal such as disclosure of the personal information, a correction, the deletion. If there are a question, a demand, a thing having a problem, about the handling of our personal information, I would like communication to the window concerned.


Window about the Koto kuras personal information



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