Car and boat trip. A little strange Japanese island where you can go from Kyoto in about 3 hours.

It’s a car from Kyoto, about 3 hours. Himakajima which floats on Mikawa-wan in Aichi-ken Chita-hanto is the small island entourage call about 6 km. A little trip of a day trip and 1 night and 2 days is loosed comfortably. Be satisfied with seafoods, and please enjoy Japan which can’t be tasted in Kyoto.

First you’ll go to the place called “Heidi’s swing”.


Himakajima located in the south of Chita-hanto is the island where the fishing which makes a living for the blessed seafoods which are in Mikawa-wan is popular. Octopus and blowfish are famous. Additionally when you could taste, the taste of the colorful sea in each season was here, and a tourist increased every year, too, and a sightseeing trade also grew wonderfully present.

An island, the size by which going around is about 6 km for itself. Even if I walk slowly, you can go around within 2 hours. Of the no charge surrounded Shimauchi around by summer limitation in addition to rental cycle at a harbor in an island, “turning around, BASU” can be used. It takes about 30 minutes to go around if it’s a bicycle.

If you arrive at an island, it’s better to aim at the place called “Heidi’s swing” first. A pine tree is on the cliff. A swing dangles from there. When I get on a swing, the sky and a sea feel the field of vision is broad fully in immediateness. That, one in the air, a flying sense. Because it’s famous as a photography spot here, you can wait for your turn in the high season.


The “Heidi’s swing” in the location of about 5 minutes on foot from Higashi-port. You should become funny in the sense which is being rowed to the sea and the sky.

The tour of the fun locations of the island.

I hope that you who healed by “Heidi’s swing” go to the “Himaka shrine” near there. An ancient burial mound is in front of the main shrine. The quite cultural place where an ancient burial mound of 13 is also besides that. Because it couldn’t be checked when I visited, if you’re interested, please look for it.

If that’s finished, you’d like a way aiming at Nishi-port. There are a restaurant and a cafe on the beachfront and, in the octopus pancake shop where it’s popular from a local person in the way when a mountain route is chosen, “There is a happi.” When you go to an island in one night and two days, they seem to call a sea route and the afternoon a mountain route in the morning, and maybe all two may be conquered.

There are [Kaneto-store] near Nishi-port. A homemade experience of “octopus dried fish” is popular here. Making dried fish is finished in about about 30 minutes. Because that’s brought home after half day is dried, I should challenge one in case of a day trip immediately after I arrive at an island.


Himaka shrine


Dried octopus in Kaneto store

You’ll eat form baking of octopus and touch a dolphin.

If you go to Nishiport during September from May, it’s possible to touch a dolphin at a beach. It’s the feature of the island so that the visitor who visits an island is necessary for only this purpose, too. If you do dolphin watching, 300 yen are needed. If you touch a dolphin at a beach, 2000 yen are needed. Reservation is also necessary?

Also [ Suzuen Honpo ] in edible ” octopus figure grilled ( 648 yen) ” is popularity from tourists . For an octopus to enjoy its own taste, seasoning, only soy sauce. Octopus is put with soy sauce wholly, and I overwhelm while being raw and that’s filled up with an exclusive iron plate. That will make the noise hot steam spouts and complete it by about 30 seconds. It’s my recommendation to eat the soft food texture and the charm of the condensed octopus with beer. If you feel weak, you’ll have soy sauce.

You enjoyed island sightseeing, you may have time comfortably at a cafe after that and may relax while hearing the tone of the wave at a beach. My friend and the family will enjoy sweetheart dragging and the little trip which can be enjoyed even if they go, fully.


The octopus which was pressed on an exclusive iron plate. A fragrant smell of the soy sauce tickles a nasal cavity.


Dolphin watching. Because accept the reservation on that day; at first communication.

It is a car trip data non-every day willingly experience-based degree to Himakajima: ★★★★
Access: InMeishin ExpresswayKusatsu JCT in Kyoto-shi new Meishin ExpresswayeastMeihan Expressway ExpresswayIsewan ExpresswayChita Peninsula roadMinamichita roadToyooka ICMorozaki Port (high-speed taxi3,500 yen / adult of the ship) -Himakajima
A large number of companies run the high speed ship; coming and going 2,700 yen – 3,500 yen
The car to the parking lot of the port

Heidi’s swing
■address: Himakajima, Minamichita-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi north ground 72

Himaka Shrine
■address: Himakajima, Minamichita-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi north ground 72

■telephone: 0569-68-2053
■address: 61-1, Ippommatsu, Himakajima, Minamichita-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi
■holiday: No fixed holiday

■telephone: 0569-68-9222
■address: Minamichita-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi larger section of a village Himakajima character north 17, Noboritate
■holiday: Without holiday
※A handmade experience: 1,500 yen

Dolphin contact beach
telephone: 0569-68-3055 (association of Himakajima sightseeing dolphin reception desk)
■address: Himakajima, Minamichita-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi west port
holiday: It is without holiday during the holding period of from May to September

■telephone: 0569-68-9110
■address: Himakajima, Minamichita-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi west beach 28
■holiday: Without holiday

“ Text,Photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa “

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