Private: realistic Gods play. Two and a half hours from Kyoto, can experience the world of mythology in Minamichita torii of “gravel months Ura”

“Who are you,” “It’s me.” “What, you do,” “free time was embarrassed the” “Gods”, “play”. Comte of dialogue that break in about 10 years ago. This is not a controller, also present in the world of mythology. Coast which became the scene of the myth, it is “gravel months Ura” in Minamichita. And come to this place with the knowledge of the story, still mysteriously appeared, his was also feel like being touched in the world of mythology.

Mysterious torii standing in the sea


From the south end of the Aichi Prefecture Chita Peninsula, along the Ise Bay, there is a place called “gravel months Ura” where there was a bit north. Very close to the beach, but he places such as crowded with people who enjoy the beach in the summer, only there was no sign of life here. Probably not go because they familiar local people, do not even look people who came for the purpose of play on the beach, because it does not go and does not pass through the narrow road to access, hard to go by car, to the hard place to be seen from the national highway since there, not go Flat, it has become a superb view of the beaten path for the reason that.

As can be seen, and of Miyajima torii, Shiga of Shirahige Jinja Torii so, not a big thing. I think that height is reach a hand to transmural to jump Anyone who about 180 centimeters. Just because but I should not be.

Likely this Torii faces the Ise Bay, this ahead there is the Ise Shrine. And say why is facing the Ise Shrine, there is there is such a myth.

Play of the gods, which embarrassed the spare time


The gods of the era. 天照大神(Amaterasu omikami) 天手力男命(Amanotadikaranomikoto) 万幡豊秋津姫命 (Yorozuhatatoyoakituhimenomikoto), 豊受大神 (Toyoukeno omikami) was playing in the mountains of Ise. However,they’ve been tired in the scenery of the mountain, or will not be in something else, I believe.
Amaterasu (woman) says.
“Who is, most do not or shoulder tried thrown a stone far”
Yorozuhatatoyoakituhime(woman) “Wow, it man from the beginning I have advantageous. Shoulder has been decided to strong man”
Amaterasu “no, no, recent man’m in no sissy. I mean, would not a strong person than me in this. hehehe”
※ but leave refused here, it has been quite deformed. In addition, the Amaterasu was a strong God of insanely force. In the mythology, it is a violent person, Yamatano orochi that was getting rid of snake is known, there is a strong like depiction than Susano no mikoto.

Amaterasu “Try doing Yorozuhatatoyoakituhime.”

Yorozuhatatoyoakituhime, “I understand. Do I’ll try. Yeah'”

With all one’s strength, you throw pebbles, but it’s in Ise Bay. “I don’t reach”

Amaterasu “Hohoho, Well, do let me do. Yeahhhhhh, Hahhhhhhhhhh ah ah ah!”

In the style of shot put, you throw a large rock full force.

Then, what about. They threw rocks to draw a beautiful parabola, jump over the Ise Bay, it’s in Chita Peninsula. A large earthquake occurs.

Amaterasu “Well, I do this”

Amanotadikaranomikoto “Do not still great. Well, this time is me. Oh yeah!”

Lift the big rock lightly, you throw in baseball pitching motion. Threw rocks, it falls to the coast of the thud and Chita. Not a little START and to Amaterasu.

Toyoukeno omikami, “Oh, still is strong it is Amaterasu. The following is Let’s do my. Soo crust if Re Oh Oh!”

Once again it falls on the coast. Even throw much the gods of the man does not have an enemy in the Amaterasu. Continuing the shoulder compared, rock gods threw spread to the coast as gravel, referred to as the named “Tsubute ga ura(gravel months beach)” from there.

When you visit here, so dangerous when the throw stones, I also might be a good idea to reproduce the entertainer’s gods of play Comte.

Area data
Tsubutega ura
★★★★ time you feel a large embarrassed the way of spare time of the gods of the scale
■ Address: Aichi Prefecture Chita-gun, Minamichita-cho Utsumi small basins 96
■ Parking: None

“Text: Taico, Photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa”

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