[Little-known spot] will have crowded the stage of over there Shimizu, here the stage is vacant. You have also toilet of God, it also torii be continuous, such as the Fushimi Inari – Sakyo-ku Ichijouji “Tanikidani Fudoin”

It already, this season from (the season of cherry blossoms) Kyoto tourists I is crowded Dada everyone. This is especially true Nante a lot of temples Higashiyama neighborhood. What is congestion Nante way to go to Kiyomizu Temple. At times like these what is off the beaten path by, off the beaten path. But it around a tourist just the famous temples and shrines in Kyoto, you’ll this time tell me the sights of off the beaten path. In the Sakyo-ku Ichijouji “raccoon Taniyama Fudoin”. Here wonderful it does. Friends who came to visit Kyoto, is Nashi secluded spot upper mistake that you want to introduce to the acquaintance.

Welcomes the wide variety of attractions “raccoon dog Taniyama Fudoin (raccoon OJ Fudoin / Fudoson)”

I think that I think we already good. Tourist destination in the crowd. It is because it is a famous place that can crowd, is why we all know. Since the location is Kyoto, I know even people overseas. When the original also would say that there is no child, that it would be good in photos. Although this was too said, without feeling the eternity of time in the crowd …. But I understand you. Feelings you want to go to the famous place. Anyway this time, and the stage of Shimizu, and vermilion torii of consecutive Fushimi Inari, toilet of God has to tell a temple there together.

Whether there is such a place! I think also he who is not in with your anger. “Show me the evidence, the evidence,” he said. I already, I I just do not know, even Japanese.

Stage of Kiyomizu Temple in the Gojo, Fushimi consecutive torii of Inari and toilet of God, the place but these three there together.

It is located in the Ichijouji Sakyo-ku, Kyoto “raccoon dog Taniyama Fudoin (Fudoin OJ raccoon dog)”.

But I’m the immediate vicinity of Shisen-dō, I do not Yoritsuka also less tourists. But, I’m here amazing. By the way, for me to believe that it is a theme park that of temples and shrines, here is the flat par.

The best of Kyoto’s attractions, it’s filled with attraction of feeling that was as small as Kyu. We will introduce a number of such attractions.

Fushimi consecutive vermilion torii of Inari’s

This temple has been built on the mountain. Once it arrived saying Hyihyi would like to first welcomed, is vermilion torii consecutive such as Fushimi Inari.

Trees Oishigeri, will head to the entrance walking down the dim road that rock is pushed out.

Vermilion torii is here.

It is this.

This feeling, followed by about 30m.

30m … might not be. Might not possibly. But, the children why the tension will increase dramatically.

That’s New Year’s visit to a Shinto shrine, children be injured too hilarity things have about three people a day.

I already feel that was Kyu that torii of Fushimi Inari, I am glad if you could know.

I all set I recommend Seven Lucky Gods in standby screen of the smartphone

Unusual kana. Missing consecutive Torii, a little ranks and the Seven Lucky Gods like that comes into view to the next. Moreover, instead of only Daikokusama and Benten like is he, will he and everyone set.

This is so auspicious location not quite. High, set photos are those taken in the cheese.

Generally those who are for the first time visit here, it will take a commemorative photo. That pass through here roughly the local people, it’s gone already familiar, happy. Nante Seven Lucky Gods like group photo, is not it likely to be happy just to have. If That’s on standby of the smartphone, work is coming in is, it’s edges successfully carries likely the favorite person, I think that it is likely to occur mess is a good thing.

Do no recent luck, and those who he feels is recommended by all means be set to standby of the smartphone.

There is also the toilet of God

You may not know the young people, but seven years is ago there is a song called was the smash hit “toilet of God” in, but the “raccoon Taniyama Fudoin” will be folded toilet of God.

It is here. When the little climb from the Seven Lucky Gods like the set has been that location, it opens like a square, but it is folded in there.

Ucchusma in (Ususama) called the “incarnation also be is the Tathagata” Ming Wang alone, the fire of God, seems to have been worshiped as the god of the toilet. Toka is said to do so from the fact that is burning out all of the flying of this world.

In was the will become famous Japan, from selling the song, that at that time like a sticker from have been sold. Entrance, such as evil spirits are a toilet, likely he was to give a faith from the fact that cleanse baked there or.

Stickers are sold in the place where further climb from here.

The main dish is like a stage, such as the Shimizu with a view of the city

Finally is the main dish. We will see a considerably climb the long staircase stage, such as the “stage of Shimizu”.

In the feeling glance, but it is dumping.
Scale has become as small as Kyu, but, from the stage of Shimizu is busy, you may be able to enjoy the scenery and the thrill just maybe.
It is to stand on the stage requires admission fee.

In addition, many things introduce

Here it is, also by the director of the Hanshin Tigers winning year had come to pray famous, you have built is such a monument.

The truth’s the Ming like you protect the Kimon that 咤怒 demon (raccoon dog) Acala, but as raccoon dog of the same pronunciation to one that is faith in the private sector has been fixed as a mascot.

By the way, since available at raccoon dog everywhere, but be good to try to find.

The way back, you can enjoy the fully a minute of scenery climbed until now. View from near Shisen-dō.

Finally, down to the Ichijouji shopping street, but since there is a vending machine that sells exceedingly unusual juice, it might be a good even to try to moisten the throat, dry climbing in such a juice.

Raccoon dog Taniyama Fudoin
Address: Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture Sakyo-ku Ichijojimatsuhara-cho, Tanukitani Fudoson
admission Time: 9:00 to 16:00
stage of the admission fee to a temple: 500 yen

Text, Photo: Naoyuki Nakagawa

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